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Recent search engine news

  • Find the hidden message

    23 December 2008 - This week, we're bringing you our Christmas puzzle instead of the main article. Can you find the hidden message?

  • Ranking test: can there be too many links to your home page?

    09 December 2008 - In an online webmaster forum, a webmaster described the link experiment that he did with his websites. He tried to find out how linking to the home page affected his rankings. Can too many links to the home page of your website have a negative effect on your rankings?

  • Google's search engine optimization starter guide

    25 November 2008 - Two weeks ago, Google released a so-called search engine optimization starter guide for webmasters. While the Google document does not tell you how your website can be listed on Google's first result page it will tell you what you shouldn't do if you want Google to index your web pages.

  • Do search engines think that your website is spam?

    18 November 2008 - About three weeks ago, Microsoft was granted a new patent with the name Web Spam Classification Using Query Dependent Data. Although this patent application was filed by Microsoft, all major search engines probably use similar methods to classify web pages. Do search engines think that your website is spam?

  • Inbound link analysis: how long should a text link be?

    28 October 2008 - The words that are used to link to your website improve your search engine rankings for these words on Google. But how long should the link text be? Which words will be considered? Is there an optimal length for text links?

  • Two new spam tricks to get higher rankings on Google

    14 October 2008 - Many people will do anything do get on Google's first result page. That's why some webmasters regularly come up with new spam methods to get on Google's first result page. Here are two new methods that people use to get high rankings on Google.

  • How to increase your sales with less traffic

    07 October 2008 - Search engine optimization is not about getting as much traffic as possible. It's about getting the right kind of website traffic. Sometimes, less traffic can be better. This week, we're showing you that your sales can increase if your website gets less traffic. If you optimize your web pages correctly, you can multiply your revenue without working more.

  • Does Google ever forgive a penalized website?

    30 September 2008 - Many of the methods that promise high search engine rankings are basically spam. Google doesn't like spam at all and if Google finds out that your website contains spam elements, your website will be penalized. Will Google forgive you if you remove the spam from your site?

  • Four important rules: how to get a #1 ranking on Google

    23 September 2008 - Many people still don't know what it takes to convince Google that your website is more relevant than the millions of other websites on the Internet. There are four simple rules that will help you to get your website on Google's first result page.

  • How your web page titles can help you with local search

    16 September 2008 - If you're selling products and services that are related to a special area, it is crucial that your website gets found by the right people. One of the easiest ways to get found by people that live in your area is to optimize your web page titles.

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